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Here below are the best-rated tours of the Colosseum at night, as well as the best entry tickets for both the ancient arena and the Roman Forum.

We recommend booking early to secure your tickets and tours as they sell out very fast, especially if you’re looking for a private tour.

Colosseum and Roman Forum Tickets

VIP Colosseum and Roman
Forum Tour

Visit the majestic Colosseum and the historic Roman Forum with priority access. Discover where gladiators fought, all at your own pace.

Colosseum by Night with Underground

Colosseum Night Tour with Arena Floor

See the Colosseum under the stars. This tour includes exclusive reconstructed arena floor access, revealing secrets of ancient Rome.


Colosseum Sunset Tour With Tickets

Explore the Colosseum during the golden hour on this guided tour. Skip the long lines and head straight inside the Colosseum by night.

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Absolutely! Seeing the Colosseum at night is a memorable experience that we highly recommend.

With fewer usual crowds, you’ll enjoy a more intimate exploration of the ancient amphitheater. The illumination casts a magical glow over the ancient structure, creating a mysterious atmosphere that’s entirely different from daytime visits.

Our Colosseum night tour provides VIP access to special areas, including the underground tunnels, which are usually closed during the day. The cooler evening temperatures also make for a more comfortable visit—just be sure to wear comfortable shoes. With our tour guide, you’re guaranteed a serene setting, a private or small group, and an incredible Colosseum Tour.

Unfortunately, you can’t visit the Colosseum at night without joining a tour. Night visits are limited to guided tours to ensure the safety and security of the visitors and the ancient monument.

These tours are a great way to learn more about the history and secrets of the Colosseum, with expert guides sharing fascinating stories and facts about the Colosseum, which is a great addition.

Also, note that booking a night tour offers a more enjoyable setting without the daytime crowds, and that is a massive advantage.

The latest you can visit the Colosseum usually depends on the time of year, as closing times vary. During the summer months, the Colosseum can stay open as late as midnight, especially if you’re on a night tour.

Regular ticketed entry usually ends before sunset, so check the specific times when you plan your visit. Check the opening times of the Colosseum here and book one of our Colosseum tours to make the most of your time in Rome.

Yes, the Colosseum lights up at night, and it looks amazing! The special lights show off the old walls and arches, making the whole building stand out beautifully, and this is why we recommend coming during the night.

This lighting makes the Colosseum look even more special and is great for taking pictures. Whether you’re just walking by or going on a night tour, seeing the Colosseum all lit up is definitely a sight you won’t want to miss.

Visiting the Colosseum at night offers several unique advantages. Here are five reasons to consider a nighttime tour:

More Magical Lighting: When lit up at night, the Colosseum takes on a magical appearance that allows you to see the arena from a different perspective.
Smaller Crowds: Evening visits are typically less crowded. This means more space to explore and less time waiting.
Cooler Weather: Rome’s daytime heat can be intense. Cooler evening temperatures make for a more comfortable visit.
Exclusive Access: Some areas of the Colosseum are only open during night tours, offering unique insights and experiences.
Distinctive Experience: Experiencing this iconic structure under the night sky is different from any daytime visit, providing a new perspective on its historical significance. And you’ll also learn about the Roman Empire and Roman Gladiators in a quiet environment, as opposed to the day.

While visiting the arena during the day is a must-do in Rome, joining a Colosseum evening tour with a local expert makes everything much more personal and unique, and it’s something you don’t want to miss. And you’ll have exclusive access to the underground and arena floor.

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